Earthquake death toll climbs to 8,709

Rastriya Samachar Samiti

KATHMANDU: The death toll from the April 25 devastating earthquake and a powerful aftershock of May 12 has climbed to 8,709. More than 22,490 people were injured in the disaster.

The number of people killed in the Kathmandu Valley alone has been counted at 1,729. Fifty-eight deaths were recorded in the eastern region, two in mid-western region, 459 in the western region and 6,461 deaths were reported in the central region.

In the Kathmandu Valley, at least 13,017 were injured while the number stands at 452 in the eastern region. A total of 7,744 were injured in the central region, 1,242 in the western region, 36 in the mid-western region and two in the far-western region.

Among the injured, 4,405 persons are currently undergoing treatment at various hospitals and medical facilities.

In the devastating earthquake, the Nepali Army lost nine servicemen, Nepal Police lost six personnel and the Armed Police Force lost one serviceman. Eleven civil servants were also killed. At least 79 foreign nationals were killed in the earthquake.

As many as 183 Nepal Police personnel, 32 APF men, six Nepali Army soldiers and 50 foreign nationals sustained injuries in the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks, according to Nepal Police.

NP Police added that the figures of casualties of armed forces and foreign nationals have been included in the total figure of deaths and injuries.

More than a month after the catastrophe, 189 Nepali and 80 foreign nationals are still unaccounted for.