KATHMANDU: The European Union (EU) has taken over from the UNICEF's role as the Development Partner Focal Point for the Local Education Group amid a programme today. The EU would now look after development in policy dialogue, consultations, reviews and other interactions with the Government of Nepal seeking reforms in Nepal. Speaking at the programme, Andreas Roettger the EU Chargé d'Affaires a.i. thanked the predecessor and stated that growing education cooperation in Nepal would be a 'shining example' of government-led reform. According to a statement issued by the EU, with the support of the Embassy of Finland as Co-Focal Point, the new seven-year School Sector Development Plan (SSDP) would be implemented. SSDP aims to uplift Nepal from the status of Least Developed Country and 'strengthen quality, access, equity, and efficiency' within Nepali education sector. The statement further said that the SSDP with the recently amended Education Act would guide Nepali education sector prepare the ground for federalism in school given the abundant resources. Departing UNICEF Deputy Country Representative Rownak Khanw wished luck to the SSDP for success in the country and encouraged to highlight and promote cross-sectoral nature. Officiating Secretary of the Ministry of Education Lava Deo Awasthi recalled the time post-earthquake and highlighted the traits of the SSDP including education quality and learning outcomes. "In many ways, Nepal is still in transition; but we should never forget how far we have come already," Awasti said. As one of the focal areas of EU Nepal cooperation, education sector of Nepal would be developed and incorporate technical and vocational training by 2020, the statement read.