EducationUSA holding college student meet

Kathmandu, February 2

EducationUSA is organising a one-day college student meet at Hotel Yak and Yeti on the last day of the ongoing annual education fair tomorrow.

The education fair, which started on January 31, is organised by EducationUSA Regional Forum, a network of student advising centres. Around 75 US universities and colleges will participate in the student meet. Nepali students will get a chance to interact with the representatives of different universities and get to know about their education system.

Spokesperson for the US Embassy in Kathmandu Andie De Armet requested students to participate in the programme for authentic, precise and detailed knowledge about how US universities and education system actually worked.

“We discourage students to visit private consulting agencies and want them to visit authentic offices like US Education Foundation that are available in various parts of the country or contact college representatives personally to have accurate knowledge of our system. We hope the event will be very helpful to students,” De Armet said.

Similarly, public affairs officer at the US embassy Tristram Perry said Nepal ranked 12th among countries of origin for international students studying in the US. Currently, 11,607 Nepali students are enrolled in US higher education institutions, he added.

According to the 2017 Open Doors Report, Nepali students studying in US universities are the fastest growing international student population. The report showed a 20 per cent increase in Nepali students enrolled in US higher education institutions.

Embassy officials said Nepali students contributed $ 369 million to the US Economy.

“We offer abundance of choice and let the students realise practical problems and let them do their work themselves to empower and prepare them to appear in real campus life,” De Armet said.

She added that students would be granted visa if they could convince the VISA officers that they were visiting USA with the sole purpose of studying, could pay for the academic course and would come back to the native country after completing education.

The Education USA advisers from the South and Central Asia region and University representatives from the USA are also participating in the programme.