Empower Nepal Police: CIAA

Kathmandu, February 23

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to pursue policy and procedural reforms to boost professionalism, investigative efficiency and morale of police personnel.

According to annual report (2018/19) of the anti-graft body, Nepal Police could play a vital role in maintaining law and order and enhancing good governance.

“Nepal Police should be free from undue political interference, besides putting in place objective standard of transfer and promotion of police personnel,” read the report.

MoHA has also been suggested to incorporate subjects of ethic, morality and honesty in basic training programme for police personnel so that they are not lured into bribery.

According to the report, the welfare fund established with the objective of providing facilities to police personnel has been profit-oriented. The welfare fund should be used only for the purpose for which it was set up. Investment of the fund for business purpose is likely to give rise to financial irregularities, according to the report.

The CIAA suggested Nepal Police to revise the provisions of the welfare fund to utilise its amount only for the welfare of police personnel.

The anti-graft body has also expressed serious concern about the cases of gold smuggling, corruption and other financial irregularities at Tribhuvan International Airport.

“It is urgent to equip the only international airport of Nepal with state-of-the-art technology and security equipment,” it read. According to data maintained by Nepal Police, smuggling and illegal trade of gold is rife in the country. As many as 110 persons were arrested with 123.9 kilograms of undeclared gold from different parts of the country, mostly TIA, in 2018-19. The value of the seized gold comes to around Rs 444.5 million.

Police had rounded up 90 persons with 72 kilograms of gold in the previous fiscal.

Most of the smuggled gold enters Nepal from Gulf countries through TIA, and Tatopani and Rasuwagadhi-Kerung points via Tibet of China.

The CIAA has also urged the MoHA to strengthen internal control system of Nepal Police, as plainclothes cops deployed for intelligence gathering and security personnel deputed to customs points were found to have been involved in corruption.