EU says it was deeply disturbed by deaths

KATHMANDU: The local Presidency of the European Union today expressed its concern about the murders of two media entrepreneurs in Kathmandu and Janakpur and called on the authorities to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation into these deaths, identify those responsible and bring them to book.

"We are also deeply disturbed by reported threats against journalists in Kathmandu, Janakpur and throughout the country.

The government must give a strong message that there will be no impunity for those attacking freedom of expression and independent media, or for those indulging in serious crime," read a press statement issued on behalf of Norway and the EU Missions in Kathmandu.

The Heads of Missions also called on all sectors of the Nepali society to respect freedom of expression and the rights of journalists.

"Press freedom is one of the most important components of democracy, and continuing attempts to intimidate the independent media signal a disturbing trend that must be stopped," added the statement.

The Heads of Missions believe it is necessary to strengthen and protect mediapersons, their independence and professions.

"The incidents of violence against mediapersons, which have gone up recently, are a gross violation of human rights and democratic norms. We urge the government, who has the responsibility to impose the rule of law, to take urgent action," read the statement.