‘Extremist elements want to destabilise Nepal’

Kathmandu, September 10

Newly appointed Chief of Army Staff Purna Chandra Thapa has said some extremist elements wanted to destabilise the country and turn it into a failed state.

Announcing his work plan, which is also referred to as the CoAS Command and Directives, the head of the country’s defence force said some of the ‘elements’ that do not lend support to the constitution promulgated in September, 2015, have shown signs of fomenting trouble to destabilise the country.

“These elements are working against national interest, albeit their activities are being closely monitored. The state is doing all it can to resolve this problem,” Thapa told army officers at the Nepali Army Headquarters last evening.

Thapa, who was formally appointed as the CoAS yesterday, said he would introduce Nepali Army Vision-2030 and start implementing it during his three-year tenure. He also termed rumours about the Nepali Army being downsized baseless.

“Many are saying Nepali Army should reduce its size. These voices are being raised by elements, who are against the constitution,” said Thapa, adding, “Such a decision will only be taken after comprehensive review of the defence force.”

Thapa also said the ‘Army Chief with Soldiers’ Programme, under which the CoAS listens to grievances of army personnel, will be introduced at all levels of the Nepali Army. He also directed the defence force to complete the construction of Kathmandu-Tarai expressway within the deadline.