Families of security personnel killed during insurgency seek justice

Kathmandu, January 4

Conflict victims from the security sector and their families has demanded that the government declare security personnel who died during the decade-long insurgency as martyrs and provide them facilities that the government has committed to give to martyrs’ families.

Shova BC of Nepalgunj, who is also president of Army Single Women and Injured Family said they demand government recognition of army personnel and other security personnel who died in the course of duty during the decade-long insurgency.

She said, “The government had earlier declared it would provide Rs 750,000 as relief to the victims’ families and apart from that other facilities, but that was just like dream for us.” BC, who has a daughter said, “We also want the government to identify people who killed our husbands while they were on duty and take legal action against them whether they are leaders of political parties or cadres.”

Nanda Shrestha from Surkhet, who lost her husband who was in Nepal Police during the insurgency period, alleged that the government has been discriminating against the families of deceased security personnel while distributing relief support.

Shrestha, who is a mother of three children, said the government has neither provided enough compensation for the death of their husbands nor free education for children up to the higher level.

She said, “The government had earlier announced Rs 1 million to those who were declared martyrs, but the families of deceased security personnel were deemed eligible to receive only Rs 750,000,” adding, “The government has been providing free education only up to 18 years, but since there is no guarantee of employment after 18, it should provide free higher education to the children of deceased security personnel.”

They have also demanded at least five per cent reservation quota for children, single women and family of deceased and disabled security personnel in the Public Service Commission and in various departments for employment.

Social security allowance for widows of deceased security personnel, priority to single women while hiring employees within the offices of the security sector and appropriate opportunities to the families of deceased security personnel on the basis of their qualification and capacity are some other demands put forth by the single women and families of security personnel who were killed during insurgency.