Federal Alliance seems divided over fresh talks invite

KATHMANDU: Leaders of various constituents of the agitating Federal Alliance have aired contrasting opinions about the government's recent call for the talks.

Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters' Club Nepal in the Capital today, Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Democratic Chairman Raj Kishor Yadav said the call from the Prime Minister was positive and he was ready for the talks.

He, however, expressed his doubt if the government was really serious about finding solution through the dialogue.

"We are for result-oriented talks, not talks for the sake of talks," he said.

Yadav added that the government should not portray the agitating forces as opponents of the peaceful resolution and present itself responsible on the negotiation table.


Speaking at the same function, Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal's Co-Chairman Rajendra Shrestha, however, said the Federal Alliance had not decided anything about the talks yet.

Shrestha said the decision could be taken only after holding internal deliberations in consideration to contents of the invitation.

He demanded that the invitation for the talks be sent in the name of the Federal Alliance -- but not the United Democratic Madhesi Front -- as it was the one currently coordinating the agitation.

Shrestha also maintained that the Alliance was not against talks. Instead, he accused the government of hatching a plot to divide the Alliance in order to foil the protest.

In an apparent contrast to Yadav, another constituent Tarai Madhes Democratic Party's General Secretary Jitendra Sonal, however, said talks were entirely impossible in the present context.

Sonal demanded that the government express a commitment to meet all of its demands before sitting for the talks.

Though the Prime Minister sent a letter, Sonal claimed, he was not serious about the demands.

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli's chief political advisor Bishnu Rimal had defended the government position during the function.

"We are serious toward their demands and have been calling them to hold to-the-point case-wise discussions," he said.

Earlier on Sunday, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, addressing the party establishment announcement ceremony of the Naya Shakti Nepal, had announced that he had sent fresh invitations to the agitating parties for the talks.