Govt urges all not to hoard food items

Kathmandu, March 8

The federal government has urged one and all not to buy and store food stuffs due to fear of possible outbreak of the coronavirus. There is no likelihood of food shortage at present and in future as well, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

Issuing a press statement yesterday, the Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified that there was no food shortage in the market, adding that storing edible goods beyond need would lead to black-marketing. The ministry has urged all and sundry to report to the government if any wrongdoings were aking place in the market.

The Home Ministry said though outbreak of Covid-19 could not be ruled out in Nepal, the government has adopted tough safety measures to protect people from the disease.

The government has urged all not to go to crowded places unless it was urgent.

Meanwhile, Salt Trading Corporation has clarified that there was no shortage of salt in the country. It has stated that salt reserve can meet the need of people for 10 months.