Fences built around earthquake-hit temples in Patan Durbar Square

Lalitpur, August 7

The Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust has constructed eight-feet high fences around temples in Patan Durbar Square for their protection as the historical monuments and stone inscriptions were heavily damaged in the earthquakes last year.

Earlier, the Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City Office had built a fence around the square at a cost of Rs 1 million to keep trespassers off the area.

Ajay Desar, a local, said people were being allowed to enter the temples after 5:00 pm for worship. But people, especially youths, entered the area all the time. “People ignore the fence and the sign that says it is a restricted area,” he said.

The devastating earthquake last year destroyed two temples — Char Narayan temple (which is also the oldest temple of the square) and the Hari Shankar temple — along with two paatis, and many other temples were weakened at the Patan Durbar Square.

The Lalitpur sub-metropolis permitted the KVPT reconstruct fences around Bhaidega, Krishna Mandir, Bisheshwor Mahadev Mandir, Harisankar Mandir, Char Narayan Mandir, and Manimandap Mandir.

“We have built the fences to stop trespassing so monuments aren’t further damaged,” said KVPT Director Rohit K Ranjitkar. “The fence constructed by the sub metropolis was not as lasting as it should have been, so we have built a stronger fence.” He said the fences were built at the cost of Rs five million.

The fences will be removed after completion of renovation and reconstruction of these temples. “Until the construction work is complete, the temples will be closed to all visitors, including tourists,” said Ranjitkar.

The Metropolitan police has also been deployed for the security of cultural heritages. “We have already reprimanded three or four people for trespassing and polluting the area,” said Mangalbazaar Police Range Chief Resham Bohara.