Former DIG denies link with Jamim Shah killers

KATHMANDU: Former DIG of Armed Police Force Gyanendra Raj Rai today expressed his serious concern about his personal identity being linked with the perpetrators of Jamim Shah murder case on the basis of renting out a room to the criminals. DIG Rai’s reaction follows media reports quoting Nepal Police officials that the plot to kill Shah was devised in his house at Shanti Nagar.

Objecting the reports, Rai argued he did not even know how Babbu “Deepak Shahi” looked like until the day when the latter approached his family to inform that he was vacating the rented room. He also informed that his wife had rented out the room to Babbu who posed himself as a herbs collector.

“Babbu, who said he was from Nepalgunj, and worked as a herbs exporter to India, looked well-cultured and my wife gave him the room for a monthly rent,” Rai said, during a press meet here, adding that he never knew that they were criminals.

“Had this got to my head, I wouldn’t have rented out my house to them,” he said, adding that it was unjust not to protect his identity.

He informed that Babbu had vacated the rented room on January 7, one month before the shootout.

“I don’t know where he had gone since,” he said, appealing all not to misunderstand him. He dared the investigating officials to handcuff him provided that he should be convicted.

“It has damaged my personal reputation I earned as a responsible police official during the 20 years of my career,” he said, acknowledging that Dilip, Dadu and Mohammad Bakar Saiyed used to come to meet Babbu in their rented room.

The police have described Babbu as a key person behind Jamim murder and Dadu and Saiyed as accomplices. The police are yet to identify Dilip.