Forum to aid stir victims established

Kathmandu, May 14:

A forum, Loktantrik Prarambhik Munch (LPM), has been established to look after the family members of the martyrs and the people injured during the recent mass movement. Thanks to the government’s apathy, the families of martyrs and people hurt during the movement have had to take the initiative to establish the forum themselves.

This was informed during a programme in the capital today. Kailash Timilsena is the president of the forum. The LPM’s objectives are identifying the victims of the movement and working as a facilitator between the victims and the agencies eager to support them.

Speaking at the programme, Shambhu Thapa, patron of the LPM, said the forum was established to safeguard the future of the family members of the martyrs and those injured during the 19 days of protests. “We need a law that would help identify the victims of the movement,” Thapa said. The Maoists are also likely to come forward with the names of thousands of other victims, he said. “The government has taken no initative to help the injured. It is only trying to manage the money collected by the people,” Thapa said.

Daman Nath Dhungana, a human rights campaigner, urged all concerned sides to keep in mind the objectives of the mass movement. Though the HoR has been reinstated, but with no upper house, the HoR cannot amend any ordinance, he said, adding, the HoR should have enough power to solve the problems like the one dealing with the victims of the movement.

Subodh Pyakurel, another human right activist, said the government should aid the process of identifying and helping the family members of the martyrs and those hurt. Financial help for the aggrieved family members would help ease many of their social woes, he said. He urged the government to help bring the victims together. During the programme, the victims asked the government to look after their needs. Prabha Khadka, wife of martyr Pradhuna Khadaka, asked the government to respect the cause that 21 people sacrificed their lives for and demanded punishment for those who tried to suppress the movement.