Four secretaries proposed for two Houses of Parliament

Kathmandu, December 14

The Parliament Secretariat has proposed a new organisational structure for the House Representatives and the National Assembly.

According to Secretary at the Parliament Secretariat Jeeb Raj Budhathoki, the proposal has put forth the concept of four secretaries for the two Houses of the Parliament. Apart from two secretaries for the House of Representatives and the National Assembly, the other two secretaries have been proposed to head the administrative, and study and research wings of the Parliament.

The Parliament Secretariat has also proposed four committees in the House of Representatives. The proposed committees are Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee, Impeachment Motion Recommendation Committee, committee relating to state affairs and committee relating to privilege of the Parliament.

“The number of committees will be finalised while formulating regulation for the newly elected Parliament,” said Budhathoki.  “If we look at the international practice, National Assembly should have thematic committees relating to environment or human rights,” Budhathoki said.  “The operation and management survey conducted a year ago had recommended 19 under-secretaries and 29 officers for the two-tier Parliament.”

According to Spokesperson for the Parliament Secretariat Bharat Raj Gautam, the meeting of the both the Houses will be conducted in International Convention Centre, Baneshwor.  “The main hall, where the meeting of Constituent Assembly used to take place earlier, will be used for the meetings of the 275-member House of Representatives. The hall will also host joint meetings of the upper and lower Houses of the Parliament. The meetings of the National Assembly will take place in Nuptse hall of ICC.