FSU polls likely to see tough contest in major colleges

Kathmandu, February 27:

The Free Students’ Union (FSU) elections are taking place tomorrow in about 132 constituent and affiliated campuses under the Tribhuvan University. A tough competition is expected between the Nepal Students’ Union (NSU) and the All-Nepal National Free Students’ Union (ANNFSU), especially in major campuses of the valley, namely the Kirtipur-based TU Central Campus, Shankher Dev Campus, Ratna Rajya Campus, Nepal Commerce Campus, Padma Kanya Campus and the Patan Multiple Campus. The Jagganath Multiple Campus chapter of the NC (D)-affiliated NSU, Jagganath Multiple Campus, Baitadi, today said it won the FSU election unopposed.

Though the eight student unions had laid stress on giving a boost to the democratic process by fielding candidates after reaching a consensus, they could not live up to their words. As the central level could not control and convince the local-level unit, two or more ‘disgruntled’ groups filed for nominations from one union.

Instead of joining hands with other student bodies, the students are fighting among themselves, an NSU leader said on condition of anonymity.

After the polling day, eight student unions will come up with an evaluation report regarding the eight student unions’ alliance in the FSU elections, Thakur Gaire, the ANNFSU general secretary, said.

On the eve of the polling day, almost all the student leaders affiliated to different politicalparties seemed confident they would win the elections this time.

“We have taken everything under control. Disgruntled groups have already withdrawn nominations,” said Badri Pandey, the NSU general secretary. The NSU hopes to sweep the FSU polls in most campuses, Pandey said.

Till date, candidates have been elected unopposed in 22 campuses. Joint panels of the ANNFSU, the NC (D)-affiliated NSU, ANNFSU (United) and other student bodies have women the FSU polls in 14 campuses.

Panels headed by NSU have won in eight campuses. Voting will start from 8 am in most of the campuses.