Gajurel provokes debate on form of republic

Kathmandu, October 1:

The Maoists-led government and the main opposition Nepali Congress need to have a comprehensive debate on the issue of People’s Republic while drafting a new constitution, said CP Gajural, a senior Maoist leader.

Speaking at a programme here today, he said, “Since we are already in a Federal Democratic Republic, we have to move ahead from the status quo while drafting the new constitution.”

Gajurel added that the debate with the NC on the kind of republic was very important. “The Maoists want the People’s Republic with democratic system, as the federal democratic republic is not just adequate for the country.”

NC leader Dr Minendra Rijal, however, said the NC still had serious doubts about the Maoists’ commitment to Federal Democratic Republic.

“Their activities hint that they are ready for a Federal Republic but not for a Federal Democratic Republic,” he said.

Maoist CC to meet on Friday

KATHMANDU: CPN-Maoist is scheduled to hold its crucial central committee meeting on Friday to discuss the current political development and the party’s future strategy.

It would be the first central committee meeting of the party after it formed the coalition government i n the second week of August.

Sources said the meeting would discuss the government’s performance, relations with

the coalition partners, agendas related to the peace process and the constitution drafting and the future strategy of the party as the leader of the ruling coalition.

Bikesh Shrestha, coordinator of the Maoist information bureau, said party chairman and Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ called an informal meeting of senior leaders this morning to fix the agendas to be discussed during the upcoming meeting. Senior leaders Mohan Baidya, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’, Post Bahadur Bogati and Krishna Bahadur Mahara were present in the informal meeting. — HNS