Garbage management a serious concern for Kathmandu metropolis

Kathmandu, July 23

Kathmandu residents, who are already sickened by garbage piled on the road sides and major intersections for the last three weeks, might face more trouble in the coming days.

Officials of Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Solid Waste Management Technical Support Centre have said that there will be no more space left to manage waste at the current landfill site at Sisdol, Okharpauwa after three months.

The Sisdol landfill site was constructed as a temporary waste disposal site 12 years ago. But now there is very little space left to dump garbage,” said Bishwo Mani Adhikari director general of SWMTSC.

Waste collected in Kathmandu hasn’t been transported to the landfill site due to the sorry condition of the access road to the landfill site. Officials have said such problems will frequently occur as there is no possibility of constructing alternative roads.

KMC officials have also said they cannot transport the waste to the landfill site, as they have already pushed the limitations of the access road to the site.

“We build temporary roads in every four to six months over the piles of garbage, but the piles of garbage have become so big that we cannot open passage for roads. We must find a permanent solution to this problem,” said joint-spokesperson for KMC Namaraj Dhakal.

The Sisdol landfill site was built and handed over to the government on June 5,  2005 by JICA.