Garbage management Bill gathering dust

LALITPUR: The Amendment Bill 2009 of Garbage Management Act, which allows private sector to set up the garbage plant and punish the obstructers in waste disposal process, has been shelved in the Bill Committee of the cabinet for more than a year.

According to the Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Centre, the draft bill was tabled in the Bill Committee of the Council of Ministers a year ago but has not been approved yet.

‘The bill provisions

the management of garbage in a scientific way and stipulates action against the protesters blocking garbage disposal,’ said Dr Sumitra Amatya, general manager, SWMRMC, Ministry of Local Development.

‘The Minister for Local Development and Minister for Law and Justice are responsible for the delay in passing the Bill,’ said Amatya. Dipendra Bahadur Oli, legal officer at the SWMRMC, said that the Bill was inevitable to solve the pressing problems of garbage in the city.