Garbage near hospital, health office torments staff, locals

Lalitpur, June 22:

Garbage dumped outside the Lalitpur District Public Health Office (DPHO) and the Lagankhel-based Mental Hospital is causing a lot of problems for these offices and locals around.

Decayed fruits and vegetables, wastages generated from abbatoirs and local households in Lagankhel are dumped on the busy road next to the wall of these offices.

Even though the Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC) collects garbage every morning, there

is a heap of waste in the afternoon.

Biswa Raj Shrestha, public health controller of the DPHO, said foul smell coming out of heaps of wastage makes it difficult for the staffers of the offices to carry out their activities.

“Since 2004, we have been writing to the District Administration Office (DAO) and LSMC and demanding that they find a solution to the garbage problem, but to no avail,” Shrestha said.

“Communicable diseases may spread in the neighbourhood if garbage is not removed more frequently,” he said.

“The issue was also raised at the meeting held among eight political parties and officials of the District Development Committee and the DAO, Lalitpur. They assured us of action, but have done nothing to address the problem,” said Bishnu Prajapati, health officer at the DPHO.

Pradeep Amatya, environment engineer at the LSMC, said that the civilians and the LSMC should join hands to remove the garbage.

“The LSMC is planning to dump two plants in Lagankhel to generate biogas from organic waste.” Amatya said.

The DPHO is planning to stage a street drama to raise awareness on waste management.