German couple visit Nepal to remarry in Newari style

Bhaktapur, October 10

As Nepalis are increasingly adopting western lifestyle, foreigners are being attracted to Nepali culture and traditions.

A German couple remarried in Bhaktapur as per Newari tradition. Andreas Kreutzfeldt, 47, and Kerstin Kreutzfeldt, 46, travelled all the way from Germany just celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary by remarrying in Newari style.

Andreas wore daura, suruwal and topi while Kerstin looked beautiful in red sari, blouse, and ghumto, a veil used by brides to cover the face in Nepali marriages.

“We got re-married as per Newari tradition. We married fifteen years ago in Germany,” said Andreas. They have a 13-year-old daughter Zoe Kreutzfeldt.

More than 50 tourists and locals attended the marriage ceremony. They went from Bhaktapur Durbar Square to Suryabinayak temple, dancing to the tune of dhime baja, a traditional musical instrument. The priest at Suryabinayak temple performed marriage rituals as per local tradition and custom.

Talking to The Himalayan Times Andreas shared, “Last year, I visited Nepal and I was fascinated by Newari culture and tradition. So I decided that I would celebrate my 15th marriage anniversary by marrying in Newari style.”

After the marriage ceremony, a party was organised where Newari dishes were served to wedding attendants.

Mahendra Gopal Karmacharya, principal of Shanti Niketan Secondary School, who attended the wedding ceremony, said while Nepali people were adopting western lifestyle, tourists were being attracted to Nepali culture and tradtion. “We must learn to respect our culture and tradition,” he said.

The Kreutzfeldt family had arrived in Nepal on September 29.