Goddess Laxmi worshipped

KATHMANDU: Deepawali -- the second day of Hindu's festival of Tihar, which is also known as festival of lights, was observed today with the worship of goddess of wealth Laxmi and illuminating entrance ways of houses and surroundings.

The five-day Tihar celebration began yesterday with the worship of crows. In the morning, the human's faithful companion dogs were revered and fed with delicacies.

Tihar, the second greatest festival of Hindus after Dashain, is commonly a five-day festival. However, this year it is celebrated only for four days.

On the occasion of Deepawali, Hindus light candles, lights and diyos (earthen lamps) to welcome Goddess Laxmi. On the occasion, people also clean their homes and surroundings for her special welcome.

"Laxmi Puja is the festival of lights and flowers, which symbolises the inner light, power and knowledge of human

being," said Dr Madhav Prasad Bhattari, president

of the Nepal Panchang Nirnayak Samiti, the body that takes decision on the lunar calendar.

Day time saw the valley's streets hustle and bustle with people busy buying and selling flowers and candles.

"It's a unique festival in itself as birds, animals, nature, mountain, human being and gods are worshipped during this festival," said Bhattarai.

The auspicious time for

the Bhaitika is at 11:53 am. Sisters put on Tika on the forehead of brothers and vice versa on this day. They pray long life and prosperity of their brothers.