Gold-plated ornaments gaining in popu

KATHMANDU: Gold-plated jewellery dealers are making hay while the yellow metal has got dearer than ever.

Nirmal Pant, who sells the look-alike jewellery in Jamal, said his business had gone up by 15 per cent, thanks to the skyrocketing gold prices. "People who can't help showing-off and dread getting robbed are buying cheaper ornaments," he said.

Sanjay Maharjan, a Mangalbazaar-based dealer, said, "The demand for gold-plated jewellery is increasing also due to the variety of ornaments one can wear on different occasions." This alternative has come handy for those who cannot afford the precious metal. Bishal Malhotra, a Baneshwor-based dealer said his business had expanded by about 10 per cent.

Muna Baral said it had been safer for her to wear the cheap jewellery, especially during late night parties. "What's more, they look exactly the gold and I can keep changing what I wear." Sudarshana Shakya, whose family owns a gold-jewellery shop, said she often wears the gold-plated jewellery.