Good food must for healthy heart: docs

Kathmandu, September 27:

The World Heart Day was observed here today with the objective of making people aware of cardiovascular diseases.

At the call of World Heart Federation, Norvic International Hospital organised different programmes to help people know whether or not they are prone to cardiovascular diseases.

This year’s theme was ‘Know Your Risk.’

Speaking at a programme, Dr MK Malla, director of the hospital, hoped that programmes like these would help raise awareness level on cardiovascular diseases and risk factors, thereby helping people keep the ailments at bay.

High blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, obesity, lack of physical exercise, improper food habit, age, family history and gender also make people prone to cardiovascular diseases, according to experts. Hypertension is often called the silent killer because it typically has no symptoms. A person may have high blood pressure for years without realising it. But during the period, it damages vital organs and increases the risk of heat attacks, kidney failures and blindness, they said. Doctors say consumption of low calorie and low-fat food, fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, dry peas, beans and regular exercise can prevent heart diseases.

Minister for General Administration Pampha Bhusal said the government was committed to supporting the country’s health sector. “I hope these kinds of programmes will help make people aware of risks of cardiovascular diseases,” Bhusal said.

Dr Bharat Rawat, consultant cardiologist and executive director of the hospital, shed light on issues of diet and heart diseases, role of lifestyle in the cause and prevention of heart diseases.

Meanwhile, free cardiac screening for less-privileged senior citizens was organised on the hospital premises yesterday. Some 172 senior citizens turned up for screening conducted by three teams of consultant cardiologists.