Gothatar shoot-out probe sought

KATHMANDU: Human rights organisations today demanded that the government probe into the bloody Gothatar shoot-out that killed a nine-year-old child and maimed others.

Santosh Karki, a nine-year-old was caught in the mindless shoot-out while he was returning home after performing Saraswati Puja in his school.

A petty dispute over clearing the road that erupted between two warring parties turned violent, taking the life of the innocent child.

Ratna Lama’s sons had hired some hitmen to teach a lesson to Rajaram, who, along with the locals, had long been complaining about the construction material Lama had piled up on the road, causing nuisance on the commuters. However, Lama had assured the locals of clearing the obstruction on the road.

Reacting to the senseless violence, National Human Rights Foundation (HURFON) has demanded an stringent action against the culprit.

In a press statement issued here, HURFON has asked the agency concerned to provide compensation to the bereaved family and free treatment to the injured.

Likewise, the Human Development and Peace Campaign (HUDEP) has urged the

government to end every

type of impunity prevailing in the country.

A statement issued by HUDEP also accused the government of being weak in ensuring peace and security in the country. HUDEP also urged the Maoists to make a public declaration whether or not their men were involved in the shoot-out.

The statement further blamed the Ministry of Home Affairs for what has transpired and said that the ministry was not doing enough to control the illegal arms slipping into the hands of the criminal gangs. “The ministry must find out the culprit without any delay and bring them to books, demanded the press statement. Meanwhile, Himalayan Human Rights Monitors has drawn serious attention of the government towards the incident, saying that it was caught unaware of the illegal arms being carried by certain groups and criminals in the country.

It has urged the government to end the state of impunity in the country.