Government buildings to harvest

Kathmandu, July 7:

New government buildings will be equipped with rainwater harvesting systems, director general at the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) Surya Bhakta Sangachhe said today.

“Considering water scarcity and the suitability of the rainwater harvesting technology in our context, we have concluded that all government buildings should have rainwater harvesting systems installed in them,” he said, while addressing a programme to train plumbers.

The rainwater collected from the roofs, mostly during the monsoon, can be collected for future use in the drier seasons.

He added that the department would shortly issue licences for skilled plumbers, which will

help regulate quality manpower and also to discourage unskilled professionals form being involved in this business.

Basanta Rai, an engineer at DUDBC stressed on the need for rainwater harvesting and said it could help solve the problem of shortage of water in the valley.

Some 75 plumbers from different part of the valley were trained on technical and theoritical aspects of rainwater harvesting.

The training was held with joint collaboration of the DUDBC, Kirtipur Municipality, Federation

of Construction Contractors and Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation.