Govt set to amend laws to ensure right to education, health

Kathmandu, June 21

The government is set to amend more than 12 acts to implement fundamental rights, including right to health and education.

As per Article 47 of the constitution, provisions related to fundamental rights must be implemented within three years of promulgation of the constitution.

According to Spokesperson for the Ministry of Law Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dilli Raj Ghimire, a bill to amend acts related to education will be registered in the Parliament within the next few days.  He added that the amendments would ensure access to education for Dalits, disabled and people living below the poverty line.

The bills will also address the issue of free education provisioned in article 31 of the constitution. The provision of clause 2 of the article provisions free education up to the secondary level.

Likewise, clause 3 of the same article provisions the right to free higher education to economically indigent and citizens with disabilities.  The constitution also ensures free education to citizens with visual, hearing, speech impairment. The constitution also guarantees the right to education in mother tongue.

Spokesperson at the Ministry of Health Yogendra Raj Dotel said the ministry had forwarded the draft  bill to the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs. “The draft has proposed provisions to ensure fundamental rights of citizens to free basic treatment,” he said.

Administrative Court Kashi Raj Dahal, the government is planning to implement some other fundamental rights like employment which could only be implemented through special arrangements.