Govt to set up fund to nurture entrepreneurship among youth

Kathmandu, October 4

The government is preparing to establish ‘Youth Remittance and Social Security Fund’ with the objective of nurturing entrepreneurship among youth.

The fund will be managed by National Youth Council.

The government has pledged Rs 5 million to the fund. Meanwhile, Non-Resident Nepali Association has also pledged to provide more financial support to the fund. The commitment was made during a two-day international conference of Nepali youth held on October 1 and 2 in Bode, Bhaktapur.

The conference concluded successfully on October 2 by endorsing 15-point Bode Declaration with a commitment and action plan for sustainable development through youth entrepreneurship.

The Bode Declaration focuses on five major themes quality and vocational education; employment and entrepreneurship; health and social security; participation, mobilisation and leadership development; and sports and entertainment.

A press conference was jointly organised today by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, NYC and NRNA in coordination with Education Journalists Network where the Bode Declaration was made public.

According to the declaration, NRNA will support operation of Open University to give access to quality and vocational education to Nepalis living both in and outside the country.

It said NYC would also develop a computer application within a year to promote vocational education and disseminate information useful to youths.

Launching effective programmes for generating employment within the country, disseminating information about sexual and reproductive health and communicable diseases to youth and women, establishing a forum of successful youth entrepreneurs to share their experiences, and establishing at least one mega project in each province are some of the commitments made in the declaration.

Similarly, the conference also decided to establish Vice President Entrepreneurship Leadership Development Centre, provide disaster management training to at least 200 youth in all provinces and districts, provide support materials to at least 500 differently-abled youth within a year and conduct social cultural exchange programmes and friendly matches between Nepali and NRA youth.

Addressing the press conference, NRN President Shesh Ghale stressed on stopping migration of unskilled youth.

“We should focus on giving access to vocational education and skill training to our youth,” he said, adding, “We must be optimistic. Entrepreneurship could be learnt. We only need policy-level support.”