Government set to introduce road test for driving licence

  • The new rules applicable to all types of vehicles will be enforced in a few weeks

Kathmandu, July 2

The government is making final preparations to introduce new rules for issuing driving licence.

DIG Mingmar Lama, in-charge at the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, said the MTPD was working in coordination with the Department of Transport Management to come up with the provision of ‘on-road driving test’ which will require an applicant to demonstrate he/she can drive a motor vehicle with full control in diverse road and traffic conditions.

“A joint committee of MTPD and DoTM has been formed in this regard and the new rules are likely to be enforced within a couple of weeks,” he informed. The new rules will be applicable for all types of motor vehicles, including two-wheelers.

However, the existing practical exam on the trial ground of the transport management offices will remain intact.

During the on-road driving test, applicants will be evaluated on the basis of their skill in handling the vehicle in traffic, understanding of traffic signs and rules of the road, how well they handle the actual stress of driving in heavy traffic and attitude towards personal and public safety.

Any person desirous of obtaining licence will have to go through four stages — written test, vehicle handling test (on trial ground), traffic awareness class and road driving test.

Until now, the applicants obtained licence by undergoing only written and vehicle handling tests.

“As per the proposed rules, the competent authorities may deem an applicant ineligible to obtain licence if he/she fails to go through the on-road driving test despite his/her success in vehicle handling test on the trial ground,” said DIG Lama.

Representatives from both the MTPD and DoTM will board the vehicle used for road test of an applicant to test his/her performance in normal traffic.

Failure to anticipate the actions of other drivers on the road, inadequate or inappropriate use of mirrors, lack of proper control over gears, clutch, accelerator, steering, handbrake, foot-brake, and failure to give way to vehicles coming from the same and opposite direction will also make the applicant ineligible to obtain licence.