Govt sets Model Office Standard, 2017

  • The offices will be rated on the basis of marks they secure in each of the six indicators

Kathmandu, June 13

The Ministry of General Administration has set Model Office Standard, 2017 with the objective of creating a model office in each district.

The standard was set in accordance with point 124 of the policies and programmes of the fiscal 2016/17, which envisions development of a model office from among government offices enjoying more public relations than others.

The offices having more pubic relations include district administration office, district coordination committee, transport management office, district land revenue office, district survey office, district education office, district public health office, district agricultural office, district livestock service office and district forest office.

The standard has also set indicators and minimum terms and conditions to be met by the concerned model office. “There are six indicators — condition of service delivery, physical structures, employee management, internal control, progress status of planning and budget, and innovation and creativity — with a total of 100 marks,” read the standard.

Condition of service delivery carries weightage marks of 35, physical structures 15, employee management 20, internal control 15, progress status of planning and budget 10, and innovation and creativity 5. “The offices shall be evaluated and rated on the basis of marks secured by them in each indicator,” it read.

The indicator of service delivery includes the mandatory provision of citizen charter with compensation, its use, help desk, complaint hearing, delivery of service within specified time and evaluation of satisfaction level of service-seekers.

Under the indicator of physical structures, the concerned office should make sure that the office building is safe, earthquake-resistant and disabled-friendly with gender-friendly toilet, canteen, waiting room and water supply.

On the employee management front, the office is required to deploy employees as per the approved number of postings, job specifications, performance contract. The office should also ensure participation of all employees in decision-making process.

Similarly, internal control involves regular staff meeting, surprise inspection, material management, annual procurement plan, records management, performance appraisal, and disclosure of annual programme and expenditure of office.

Under the progress status of planning and budget, the concerned office shall accomplish financial progress and carry out the performance contract according to approved budget and annual programme. If any office succeeds in delivering service to the people in an innovative and creative manner, it will be deemed to have met the indicator of innovation and creativity.

“An office that secures 30-49 marks shall be considered weak, 50-79 marks medium and 80-100 marks excellent. The office securing highest marks will get the recognition of model office in the district,” read the standard.