Government will protect cultural heritages: VP Nanda Bahadur Pun

Lalitpur, November 19

Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun today said the government was committed to protecting and promoting the culture and traditions of all ethnic groups in the country.

He said that all cultures and religions practiced by the country’s citizens were part of national identity.

Speaking at the 41st anniversary of the Baudha Bihar Sangh, Lalitpur, Pun promised to support the Sangh in protecting culture, traditions, idols, and monasteries. The Vice President said, “We are now rebuilding our cultural and national heritages, which is our top priority. After reconstruction, the government will focus protecting these heritages.”

President of the Baudha Bihar Sangh Puspa Ratna Shakya sought the government’s help in protecting historically and culturally significant artifacts such as idols, statues, and stone incriptions.

Shakya said, “So many historical artifacts have been stolen over years, or moved from its original homes. The Department of Archeology must keep a comprehensive record of the country’s archeological wealth in order to protect them better.”

Shakya added that these artifacts must be given proper security against theft and robbery.