Govt agencies required to use social media

Kathmandu, August 19

The government has formulated the Procedure on Use of Social Networking Sites by Government Agencies to strengthen communication between the authorities and people, share information about government activities and address public grievances.

As per the procedure, social networking sites to be used by the government agencies include Facebook, Twitter and Viber. The procedure requires all government agencies open Facebook, Twitter and Viber accounts to communicate with people, receive and address public grievances and disseminate their information. No government office shall be allowed to open account on social networking sites after personal name.

“The concerned offices shall use the logo of the Government of Nepal or their official logo on Facebook, Twitter and Viber with their full name, brief introduction and objectives,” it states. The account of social networking sites shall be operated and undated on a daily basis.

“Any information and message received on social networking sites shall be observed, read and entertained with due care before responding to them. Posting on social networking sites may be liked, mentioned, retwitted, quoted and shared, but no one shall post any information that may cause adverse impacts on private and public life of any person,” it states. The procedures prohibit government agencies from posting confidential personal information.  “Polite and decent language shall be used while operating social networking sites. Any person, who post lewd contents and information that pose a threat to social harmony, may be de-listed,” it adds.

The government agencies shall themselves make arrangements of necessary human resources, who have good command over Nepali and English languages, for the operation of social networking sites.