Govt for regulating dance bars

Kathmandu, August 18:

Speakers at a consultation on Consensus Building for Adoption of Code of Ethics, which was organised here today by RAHAT, called on the government to give a definite identity to cabin and dance restaurants while registering them.

Said Sushil Ghimire, joint secretary at the Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare, “Once the cabin and dance restaurants get a definite identity, it would be easier for the entrepreneurs associated with them to seek facilities and services from the government. It will also be easier for the government to tax the registered entities and monitor their activities.”

As the code of conduct introduced to regulate cabin and dance restaurants is not legally binding, time has come to introduce separate legal provisions to regulate them, he said.

“It will be easier for the government to take action when offences are committed in the sector that has a definite identity.”

“Entertainment in cabin and dance restaurants cannot be opposed in metropolitan cities,” he said.