Govt implements revised building code


The Government of Nepal has implemented Nepal National Building Code-2020 through revision of its earlier version.

This code covers the requirements for seismic analysis and design of various building structures to be constructed in the territory of Nepal.

This code is applicable to all buildings — low to high rise. Requirements of the provisions of this code shall be applicable to buildings made of reinforced concrete, structural steel, steel concrete composite, timber and masonry.

Minimum design earthquake forces for buildings, structures or components thereof shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of this code. “The structure shall be designed and constructed to withstand seismic forces. Further, it is also required to avoid damage to non-structural systems which are essential for safe evacuation from the structure,” says the code.

With regard to the seismic action, the design and construction of the foundations and their connection to the superstructure shall ensure that the whole building is subjected to a uniform seismic excitation.

The critical facilities need to be in operational state or in a state which can be returned to fully operational state shortly after the earthquake.

In structures important for civil protection, the structure shall have sufficient resistance and stiffness to remain operational so that it can perform its function of vital services in the event of an earthquake.