Govt plan for welfare of Badis

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 29:

A ray of hope is finally in sight for the Badi community. The Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare has prepared a report regarding their welfare.

The Badi women in 22 districts of Far Western and Mid Western Development Region have been pursuing prostitution as a profession since decades. As a result, their main problem is citizenship for their children.

Being professional sex workers, the paternity of their kids cannot be ascertained. As such their children are not entitled to receive a citizenship as the Nepali law requires the father’s name be mentioned for anyone to receive a Nepali citizenship.

The report was prepared as per the order of the Supreme Court, and will be submitted to the SC soon. After the SC approval, it will be submitted to the National Planning Commission.

The Badis are economically backward, socially osctracised because of their profession and have no access to education.

Joint secretary at the ministry Shyam Sundar Sharma said,said the report talks about the issues such as the legal aspect of their problems and the solution that could be reached through policy reforms, different programmes and schemes.

“We will provide citizenship to those who do not possess one through the present legal provisions. And if we face difficulties, we will try to bring in certain amendments,” he said.

Regarding employment, trainings on various skill development programmes will be launched with provision of bank loans and scholarship programmes for the education of Badi kids will also be made.