Govt set to implement Youth Vision-2025

Kathmandu, October 31

The Ministry of Youth and Sports is preparing to implement ‘Youth vision-2025’ and a ten-year strategic planning for the overall development of youth in the country.

As per the National Youth Policy-2015, citizens between 16 and 40 years are called youths and they constitute 40.3 per cent of the total population of the country.

The youth vision-2025 and ten year long strategic planning stresses on unity, equity, justice, harmony and inclusion for the overall development of the young generation. It also stresses the need for investing in youths for the economic progress of the country.

According to the Youth Vision-2025, Nepal has been ranked 145th in the World Youth Development Index. It says 50.5 per cent youth in Nepal are engaged in agriculture. It also says that 19.2 per cent of youth are fully employed, 58.8 per cent are self-employed and 2.3 per cent are in search of employment.

The ten-year strategy for youth development mainly focuses on areas of education, employment, health and social security, leadership development and sports and entertainment.

Mahendra Poudel, information officer, MoYS, said the youth vision-2025 will be implemented through a network of National Youth Council.

He further said that youths from marginalised communities will be given special priority while launching youth development programmes. Youth from marginalised communities would be given identity while implementing various programmes, he added.