Govt warns against transport strike

Kathmandu, May 24

The Ministry of Home Affairs today said its serious attention was drawn towards the nationwide chakka jam announced by transport entrepreneurs and workers for Thursday to protest against the government’s decision to hike fine for violation of traffic rules.

The new penalty structure came into force across the country from May 14.

Any person caught violating the traffic rule is punished with a fine of minimum Rs 500 and maximum Rs 1,500 as per the new amendment to the Motor Vehicle and Transport Management Act, 1993.

Earlier, the fine for traffic rule violation was Rs 25 to Rs 200.

“It is the duty and responsibility of all to abide by the provisions endorsed by the Parliament.

There are many other ways to express dissatisfaction. The government appeals to all that such protest programmes curtails fundamental rights of citizens.

Any person found guilty of acting against the law will be brought to book,” warned a press release issued by the ministry.