Guinness ‘record’ for the marathon reader

Kathmandu, September 26:

After reading aloud continuously for six days, Deepak Sharma Bajgain has claimed to have broken the Guinness World Record of Longest Reading Aloud Marathon by an Individual.

The Readers’ Club (RC), which supported Bajgain’s unique endeavour, has sent the video record of the marathon recital to the US-based World Record Academy to enlist Bajgain’s feat on the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bajgain continuously read different books in the presence of distinguished personalities from different sectors for 121 hours in Khula Manch.

He claimed to have broken the record currently held by Adrian Hilton from England, who had set the record by reading Shakespearean masterpieces continuously for 110 hours and 46 minutes in 1987.

A press release issued yesterday by the RC claimed that Bajgain broke the world record on September 24 by reading continuously for 121 hours. Bajgain had started his campaign on September 19.

Bajgain said that he did a trial to break this record in June by reading Nepali books continuously for 112 hours before the final recital. His trial was supported and observed by the RC.

AD Lama, found president of RC, said eighty distinguished personalities from different sectors observed the recital.

Health workers from Bir Hospital, Nepal Medical Association and Nepal Nursing Association

were also present throughout the recital to monitor the condition of Bajgain, according to Lama.

“The nation must be feeling proud by the feat of this young achiever,” Lama added.