Health professionals’ meet in December

Kathmandu, November 29

Association of Health Professions Educationists of Nepal is organising a national conference at the Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences here from December 3 to 4.

A total of 125 health professions educationists working at Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine and affiliated medical colleges, dental and nursing colleges; BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences; Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences and its affiliated medical, dental and nursing colleges; and Patan Academy of Health Sciences will be participating in the conference.

Presentations would be made on related scientific papers during the two-day conference.

In addition, eight international health professions educationists representing World Federation for Medical Education and South-East Asian Regional Association for Medical Education from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka will also be participating in the conference.

“There will be discussions on the status of medical education in Nepal. The conclusions of the conference will help take measures to enhance the quality of medical education in the country,” said Dr Jagadish Prasad Agrawal, dean, IoM.

A pre-conference workshop will be held on themes such as teaching health professionals communication skills, performance-based assessment of health professions education and integrated teaching in health professions education.

“The conference will also be a platform for participants to share and exchange teaching techniques used in different medical colleges,” added Dr Shekhar Babu Rizyal, chairman, AHPEN.

“The conference is being organised with the aim of enhancing the quality of medical education in the country. It will also help medical students develop their communication skills,” said Dr Agrawal.