Hi-tech thieves who stole millions busted

KATHMANDU: Nepal Police's Metropolitan Crime Division said it has busted a gang of hi-tech thieves who electronically stole tens of millions of rupees in the past two years.

Police said eight suspects, including two Indian nationals, were arrested from different places in the Kathmandu Valley on Sunday, March 19. Various equipment including a Point of Sale (POS) machine and a cache of magnetic cards were seized from their possession.

The suspects have been identified as Suresh KC (34) Abhikesh Pandey (31), Kewal Pratap JB Rana (31), Anuj Nakarmi (30), Abhishek Nakarmi (27), Roman Maharjan (23), Bijaya Lama Dong (32) and Nadim Khan (29).

They were paraded at the MCD today.

Pandey had allegedly masterminded the hi-tech theft.

Pandey, permanent resident of Lucknow and now residing in Kathmandu,  is an IT engineer. Rana was arrested on charge of banking fraud two years ago, police said.

They had stolen money deposited by customers in banks and financial institutions, swiping cloned magnetic cards on POS machines at several businesses.

Lama and Khan, who run businesses and do electronic transactions, allegedly assisted other members of the gang to steal money using the cloned magnetic cards.

It has been learned that they used to share a heavy cut of stolen money to the entrepreneurs who assisted them in the con business.

Khan hails from New Delhi and currently resides in Kathmandu.

The money amounted Rs 32.9 million, which included Rs 20 million stolen from Pokhara-based Tika Resort two years ago. The gang planned to to steal Rs 1 million from Adidas Showroom and Rs 5 million from casinos every day, the MCD said.

They have been handed over to the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu today for further investigation and action.