High-level committee recommends lockdown extension, cabinet meeting underway

KATHMANDU: A meeting of the High-Level Coordination Committee for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 under the convenorship of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Ishwar Pokharel has recommended extension of the lockdown beyond May 18 to the government.

The Cabinet meeting, which is currently underway, will now decide on the length of the extension of the lockdown.

On Saturday, the panel deliberated with sectoral experts, including health professionals, on the modality of extension. Experts had suggested the committee to strengthen the health system so that the threat of virus could be dealt with satisfactorily in the long-term and to spruce up health infrastructure to cope with the rising number of cases. They told the panel to make the public aware of the need for changing their social behaviour and maintaining social distance.

The government has also been suggested to add more quarantine centres before deciding to bring all Nepali nationals, particularly migrant workers stranded in labour destinations, back to Nepal.