Highest single-day Covid-19 cases reported in Kathmandu valley on Tuesday, 205 infections logged

KATHMANDU: In a day of firsts as far as Covid-19 data's are concerned, Kathmandu valley witnessed 200 plus coronavirus infections for the first time on Tuesday.

As many as 205 cases were reported in the three districts of the valley on Tuesday.

Of the total cases, 138 were detected in Kathmandu alone -- the district with the highest number of total as well as active cases till date in Nepal.

Likewise, 50 infections surfaced in Lalitpur in the last 24 hours, the highest single daily for the district. Similarly, 17 cases were reported in Bhaktapur.

Meanwhile, 1000 plus cases -- 1016 to be specific -- were recorded for the first time in the country on the same day.