HISSAN demands revision in Education Regulations 2073

KATHMANDU: Higher Secondary School Association Nepal (HISSAN) has demanded revision in Education Regulations-2073 brought by the government stating that the preliminary draft was incomplete.

In a press conference here on Wednesday, HISSAN put forth 22-point demands. It demanded separate education regulations as nature and management system of private and community schools are different.

The Regulations was released by the Ministry of Education, which is under consideration at the Social Welfare Committee.

HISSAN also demanded to maintain education of grade 11 and 12, prepare mandatory provision for conducting examinations of grade 11 by the National Examination Board and representation of HISSAN representatives in concerned committees and sub-committees related to education.

On the occasion, HISSAN Chairman Ramesh Silwal warned of launching agitation as the Regulations was brought with a game to devastate the +2 education system.

He urged the concerned bodies to find out solution by holding discussion in this regard.