HoR declaration widely welcomed by organisations

Kathmandu, May 19:

Various organisations today welcomed the historical declaration of the House of Representatives (HoR) that proclaimed itself the sovereign body of the nation.

The National Council of Churches of Nepal (NCCN) welcomed the declaration of a secular state and voiced gratitude to all the political parties, civil society, the government, Parliament and international communities.

Calling for staving off adverse effects, the Nationalities of Nepali Citizens (NCCN) appealed for setting up a Religious Coordination Ministry to dovetail the religious communities’ issues.

The Former Gorkhas’ Army Association (GAESO) also appealed to the House to annul all laws, plans and policies incompatible with a secular state.

GAESO called for a date for election to a Constituent Assembly and demanded an interim government and interim statute.

The Nepal Transhimalayan Border Trade Association said it was optimistic that the HoR would bring sustainable peace to the country and ensure economic development. In separate press statements, the Human Rights and Peace Society, Human Rights Organisation of Nepal and The Council House of Tamu welcomed the declaration. Both requested the Maoists to lay down arms and join mainstream politics.

Meanwhile, in a statement the World Hindu Youth Association voiced discontent over the declaration of Nepal as a secular state.