House not functioning properly: Ex-justice Aryal

Kathmandu, August 22:

Former Justice of the Supreme Court and chairman of the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee, Laxman Prasad Aryal, today expressed dissatisfaction over the functioning of the Constituent Assembly.

“I fear that the CA is not distinguishing between drafting of a new constitution and enacting laws,” Aryal added.

Aryal claimed the CA was working in the way of enacting laws. “The government sends agendas to the CA while enacting laws, but while framing a constitution, the government does not need to send agendas to the sovereign body as it can work on its own,” he added. He was speaking at a programme organised by International Alert. The former justice also called people to pressure CA members to draft the new constitution on time. “We cannot give 601 CA members more than two years to draft a constitution,” he added.

He added that CA members might not promulgate the new constitution within two years if people did not press them.

Prof Ed Garcia, who chaired a public hearing committee of the Constituent Assembly of Philippines in 1987, said the constitution should be drafted by respecting the principle of inclusion. “The constitution must ensure social justice and safeguard the right to employment,” he added.

Garcia also suggested negotiating on peace building, negotiating for the kind of multi-party system and inclusion.

Stating that the principle of federalism is the process of empowering communities and people, Garcia said federalism should be respected. He also suggested that mixed federalism would be appropriate for the nation. The professor said the CA should be made the new constitution inclusive.