'Imposition of Maoist decision' objected

KATHMANDU: The Nepali Congress, CPN-UML and some other Constituent Assembly members today objected to the “imposing of a decision” of Maoists’ interest in the CA’s Committee on Judiciary by violating rules.

They accused committee president Prabhu Sah Teli, a Unified CPN-Maoist CA member, of announcing the decision without putting it for discussion at today’s meeting. The committee today prepared a minute of the decision without

the participation of NC and UML members.

According to the decision, the incumbent judges in judiciary will be reappointed once the new constitution is promulgated. However, the decision has to go through various other phases before it becomes the part of the new constitution.

Earlier, during today’s meeting, NC and UML members had demanded the issue be sent to Constitutional Committee stating that any issues related to transition were under the purview of CC. They are also against the reappointment of judges saying that they would just take the oath once again.

“The committee president Teli would have put the

issue for decision by asking the CA members for yes or

no, or for voting process before taking decision. Here, he violated the CA rule,” said Ram Nath Dhakal, a CA member of the UML.

NC members walked out of the meeting and UML members did not sign the minute.

NC CA member Radheshyam Adhikari said that

it was not the boycott of

the meeting, just disagreement towards the decision making process.

Teli, however, said that it was the fake charge after

failing to garner majority. “They did not make any demand to put the issue for voting,” he maintained.