Hospice centre

MADHYAPUR THIMI: The Siddhi Memorial Academy has established a hospice centre at the Siddhi Saligram Old-age home. The hospice centre has been established in order to provide medical and emotional care to the terminally ill elderly people living in the elderly home, said chairman of the Academy Shyam Sundar Dhaubadel. The old-age home provides shelter to 25 elderly people from Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Biratnagar while around 100 elderly come to the day-care service provided by the old-age home. The elderly people are provided with free health treatment, food, reiki treatment, yoga, bhajan and satsang at the home. The three-bed hospice established at Bhelukhel of Bhaktapur is equipped with 24-hour nursing care, treatment facilities and other necessary equipment. It will come into operation after tihar. — RSS

Bijukchhe’s stance

Bhaktapur: Chairman of Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ party Narayan Man Bijukchhe on Saturday said the government should not fulfill the demand raised by some Madhes-based parties for One Madhesh One Mades . Speaking at a programme in Bhaktapur on Saturday, Bijukchhe said it would be detrimental for the country to meet the One Madhes, One Pradesh demand. The NWPP chairman is also vocal against federalism, which he says would lead to the disintegration of the country. — HNS