Indian appeals to help rescue his wife

Kathmandu, June 17:

Dinesh Gupta, a resident of Kanpur, India, today appealed for help in capturing Ajay Agnihotri, who allegedly abducted his wife Nilam Gupta, 45, on May 11 in India and brought her to Nepal.

Gupta said Agnihotri worked as a peon in his electric appliance shop for about two years. “My wife was kidnapped just for ransom. He has been demanding IRs 5 million as ransom,” he said, adding that Agnihotri was intimidating him by saying he would circulate Nilam’s naked pictures if his demand was ignored.

Gupta today announced a prize of cash NPR 160,000 (IRs 100,000) for anyone helping to arrest Agnihotri.

He claimed that Agnihotri fled to Nepal after the Indian media carried news about the abduction.

“He told his family members that he is in Mumbai but he has come to Nepal,” he said. “I have received information that Agnihotri has come to Nepal with my wife and I am hopeful that Nepal Police will capture him soon,” he said.

He said he has filed an FIR at the Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka.