Indian leaders urge SPA to fulfil people’s dreams

Kathmandu, September 16 :

An Indian leader today urged the seven-party alliance government to successfully carry on the responsibility given to them by the people.

Speaking at a seminar titled ‘Peace and democracy in Nepal and India’, president of the Janata Dal (United) Sharad Yadav said: “People have given a historic responsibility to the seven-party alliance government. Please take it to its target.”

Yadav, who is on his short visit to the capital, said India’s happiness lies in the happiness of Nepal, adding, “We ourselves cannot do anything to bring any political change here but we can wish the country’s well-being as a good neighbour.” He said Nepal’s prosperity lies in the hidden and unexplored water resources.

Speaking at the same programme, NC-D president Sher Bahadur Deuba said NC unification would be possible after a series of discussions. “Will NC agree on our stature? We are different from them in many respects, including our views on monarchy. Our party’s lines have been different,” he said.

Earlier, NC leader Ram Chandra Paudel had urged Deuba to come up for NC unification, forgetting one’s personal benefit or loss.

He said that all problems would be solved after if the Maoists promised to detach themselves from their arms.

UML general secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal urged the Indian leaders to honour Nepali people’s opinion concerning political changes here.

According to him, some Indian leaders are interested to see continuation of monarchy in Nepal.

“We must hold an election to a constituent assembly by 2007 May and the government must utilise the time for completing all the tasks ahead,” he said.