Indian PM Narendra Modi calls for SAARC solidarity to fight COVID-19

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has called for the leaders of SAARC nations to put up a united front to fight Coronavirus, thus setting an example to the world.

"I would like to propose that the leadership of SAARC nations chalk out a strong strategy to fight Coronavirus. We could discuss, via video conferencing, ways to keep our citizens healthy. Together, we can set an example to the world, and contribute to a healthier planet," said Modi.

In a series of tweets posted this afternoon, Modi talks about the collective effort South Asia must invest to ensure the well-being of the people residing in the region.

"Our planet is battling the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus. At various levels, governments and people are trying their best to combat it. South Asia, which is home to a significant number of the global population should leave no stone unturned to ensure our people are healthy," his tweet reads.

The region is gradually seeing spread of the disease, which has recently been categorised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. India, on March 12 recorded over 70 cases that had tested positive while one person in the state of Karnataka succumbed to the infection. Nepal, thus far, has one recorded case of coronavirus transmission while over 400 have been tested for the presence of virus in their system.