Industrialist donates Rs 10 m to Help Nepal

KATHMANDU: Siddhartha Rana, a leading Nepali industrialist and chairman of Tara Management Pvt Ltd today donated Rs 10 million to Help Nepal Network (HNN).

HNN, a global charity is run by volunteers who love Nepal. The organization contributes in the health and education sector in the remote areas of the country.

HNN is registered as charity in Nepal, the UK, the USA, Australia and Sweden. It has eight other groups working in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Italy and Austria.

Talking to The Himalayan Times, Rabindra Mishra, founder, HNN said that Rana made the donation for the administrative works of the organization. He said, “Instead of looking for funds from international donors, we encourage Nepalese around the world to engage in charitable activities in Nepal." He further said, "Unlike various international charities, HNN has a unique policy of not using a single penny from charitable donations for administrative purposes. Hence, it has established a separate Administrative Fund to run the charity's office.

According to Mishra, Rana is the biggest donor to the Fund. Twenty-five Nepalese have already donated Rs 7.5 in total in the past.

Help Nepal has constructed over 15 school buildings, established 15 electronic libraries, run several health camps and supported various other projects in the country.

Other major undertakings include the construction and operation of a health post at Murma village in Mugu district. A health post in Sarlahi district and an orphanage in Dhulikhel are under construction. The total cost of the two projects is around Rs 8 million.