People in 40-59 age group, drivers and drivers' assistants included in the vaccination drive


The government has decided to continue the inoculation with China-made Covid-19 vaccine 'Vero Cell' till April 18.

Vero Cell has been used in the vaccination drive against Covid-19 from April 7 to those involved in the operation of emergency services, traders working across the Sino-Nepal border, and Nepali students studying in China or preparing to pursue education with Chinese scholarship.

The China-manufactured vaccine was being used on frontline health workers, and staffers of hotels, trekking agencies, advertisement sector, and internet providers. Likewise, professors, sellers of medicines, fruits and vegetables are among others who have been targeted for the inoculation campaign through this vaccine.

Now, the Ministry of Health and Population has included people in the age group of 40 to 59 years, and drivers and drivers' assistants of the public vehicles in the inoculation programme for protection against Covid-19.

The drive will also continue to vaccinate the aforementioned groups who have been receiving the Vero Cell vaccine since April 7.

Ministry of Health notice
Ministry of Health notice